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We live in an era where people are addicted to buying clothes. Why is that? Deep down do we all believe that new brand name clothes bring us happiness? Subliminally swayed by influencers, fashion ads on Instagram, and even events such as Black Friday –the day after Thanksgiving, and traditionally the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season- we all indulge in the guilty pleasure of buying clothes even when that little voice in our head is telling us we already have enough. Do we have enough clothes though? Who defines what enough is? 

And there I am. Waking up every morning asking myself what I am going to wear. Last week, I bought this beautiful black pair of trousers, with just a click on an Instagram account. It is flattering and fashionably on point. However, did I think hard about where it had come from when I ordered it? Did I consider why it only set me back 20 quid? Did I need this pair of trousers? 

No. No. And most certainly no! 

It’s incredibly scary how much we really don’t know about the fashion world. Did you know that producing just a single T-shirt and a pair of jeans requires 5,000 gallons of water? Do we care? Is it affecting our lives? 

Yes it is affecting… the world. We choose not to listen and bury our heads in the sand. We choose to feel comfortable with our new beautiful clothes, seeing them as a panacea to our woes… But what can we do? Where are we going to buy our clothes from? 

We tend to listen to social media. Take the recent Facebook ad about a big brand’s new collection. The models wore beautiful smiles and you could see how good they looked in the clothes. Social media is working hand in glove with big-name clothing brands. So, not surprisingly, you will never come across a Charity shop ad. But did you know that charity shops have pieces of clothing that you might never find elsewhere? You have the chance to be unique, to stand out from the masses. Did you know by buying from Charity shops we are doing our bit to protect the environment for us and future generations? 

It’s not easy. I know that we cannot stop going shopping, but if we all reduce the times we just go and spend our money on clothes that we sometimes don’t even need, we can all make a change! Maybe look in your wardrobe. Keep the things you really need and like, and donate the rest. You will be surprised by just how many clothes you’ve forgotten you even have. 

It is time to really care.

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