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Struggling with what to wear, well indoors? Or just wanting to keep up to date with the latest styles? Reluv is here with the newest trends for February 2021 for you to browse and adopt into your own wardrobe.


Following the success of Jacquemus’ hot pink capsule collection released on Instagram, this vibrant hue has crept its way onto runways and shops everywhere. This can be a handful of a colour so use in moderation! 

Tiktok has been overflowing with home crafts during this lockdown and the latest has been no more than some brown dye and old clothes. Warm tones and earthy browns are universally flattering so be sure to have your piece of this trend. 

These two shades together make for a beautiful and classic style with pops of fun to add some vibrancy to those lockdown looks.


Time to get funky. 

Wavey and swirly 70s prints are back. Leading the way with House of Sunny, printed dresses and jumpers gathered huge popularity on Instagram, and now the trend is here to stay. 

Vintage is the way to go here, with tonnes of products already out there with these prints, go digging online to find these trippy gems. 

Either keep it to one piece per outfit for just a touch of craziness, or try your hand at pattern mixing and go wild. A tip for pattern mixing, keep the prints in the same colour tones to avoid hurting yours or your family’s eyes.


A staple in secondhand and charity shops, you should have no problem sourcing a handful of these. (And for pretty cheap too)

Favoured by designer brands like Gucci and Balmain, silk scarves are both modern and classic. In a multitude of prints, patterns and colours there really is one for everybody. 

Styling wise, there are about 101 ways to wear a scarf. Try a classic necktie or head scarf for an instant 70s lift, or try a silk scarf top for some beachy vibes.


That’s right, V Necks. 

Preppy style has worked its way back into fashion and with it, comes the classic V-neck shape.

With Knitwear absolutely booming this season, the neckline on everyone’s lips is V. A vintage trend, you can find these necks anywhere and they work perfectly with layering.

We recommend putting a turtleneck or a button up shirt underneath a v-neck knit vest for the ultimate preppy schoolboy look, or try a v neck dress with another v neck vest over the top for a springtime city look.

Look out for these trends popping up all over our shop this month and be sure to bag it before someone else does!

Happy Styling!

Reluv x

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