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We’ve been making the most of Lockdown weekends here at Reluv and we have been getting our craft on. I decided to decorate my bedroom and tried to source as much of my furniture and accessories secondhand. This has meant a lot of upcycling – my favourite! 

Here are three projects that I have been working on most recently, and all are things that can be found in your home already, or easily sourced from a charity shop. 


I bought this standard lamp from a carboot sale about 10 years ago and every time I think it’s time to say goodbye, it gets up-cycled again and gets another lease of life. It’s been pink, turquoise, blue and now back to pink again. 

A few years ago I stripped the shade so it was back to its wire frame and added tassles to it, cut from old clothing and fabric. Last year I started macrame in the first lockdown and when I found the lamp in the loft I knew I had the perfect project. I removed all the tassels and decided to macrame each segment. This used a LOT of rope – I calculated over 160 metres in total – but I think the final piece has the desired effect! I painted the stand the same colour as the walls so that it blends in, giving a sense of calm and I think it is now the perfect boho accessory to my bedroom. 


This is a great hack if you are in a charity shop and find a shape of vase that you love but absolutely hate the colour or print. I saw this trend on Instagram and became obsessed with trying it out myself. I used acrylic paints to make shades of pink, peach and terracotta and added baking powder to the paint. The powder reacts with the paint and becomes thick, so that when it dries it gives a clay effect. This has given the vases and bottles a bit of oomph, completely changing them whilst on a very cheap budget! 


This filing cabinet was my granddad’s and was sitting in the garage getting rusty. I was looking for some drawers for my desk set up and I thought they were perfect.

I washed down the unit and drawers and then sanded down each side until they were smooth and all the rust had been removed. After cleaning down again, I sprayed the sides and drawers with white paint. I removed all the handles from the drawers and cleaned off the rust with wire wool and was very pleased with how shiny they turned out! 

The drawers were the perfect finishing touch to my desk.

I had so much fun with all the projects I’ve been working on, and seeing your vision come to life is such a joy! I’m looking forward to the next – be sure to check out socials for more inspiration!

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