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Quitting fast fashion can seem like a very daunting task. Where will you shop? What will you wear? How will you look and feel good?! So here a few of our top tips to get you started. The aim is to really understand the clothes that you love and why you love them, but also to make shopping second-hand enjoyable and meaningful. 

  1. Have a clear out 

Pull everything out of your wardrobe and Marie Kondo it up! Our style changes as we do, so it’s not possible to love everything FOREVER. Having a clear out helps you to work out what you really enjoy wearing, what you want, but most importantly, what you actually need (we bet it’s a lot less than you originally thought!).

  1. Shop from your wardrobe

Having a wardrobe clear out will help you discover old gems that were at the back of your wardrobe – so now it’s time to wear them! Shopping from your wardrobe gives you the feeling of wearing something new without actually having to leave your house or get your purse out. 

  1. Challenge yourself to wear something different everyday

On average, we all only wear about 20% of our wardrobes regularly so this is a great way to help you step out of your comfort zone. It also helps with having a clear out as you can work out what you actually don’t like anymore or no longer feel good in. You could challenge yourself to wear something completely different each day or to wear a different outfit combination. Once you’ve worn it, move it to the other side of your wardrobe and see what you are left with!

  1. Remove temptation

We’ve all been there – you are  procrastinating and think you’ll have a quick scroll on a fast fashion app. They’ve got a sale on and before you know it you’ve got 20 items in your basket and you’re justifying spending £200 +. The truth is, you won’t miss it if it isn’t there, so delete that app and stop following fast fashion brands or influencers that encourage clothing hauls on instagram. You will feel A LOT better – trust us. 

  1. Ask yourself – will you wear this 30 times? 

The #30wears challenge was coined by Livia Firth which has now turned into the WearMe30Times slow fashion initiative. When you go to buy something new, first ask yourself – will I wear this 30 times? If the answer is yes, treat yourself and document the 30 ways in which you style it!

  1. Educate yourself! 

There are amazing slow fashion influencers on instagram that share their tips for quitting fast fashion and styling advice as well as outing fast fashion companies. 

Follow: @venetialamanna 

Venetia was a self-confessed fast fashion addict who had her eyes opened to the devastating impact of fast fashion. She is now a slow fashion activist and her instagram is used as a platform to teach and share.

Watch: The True Cost film. This exposes the environmental and humanitarian impact that fast fashion really does have. Hard to watch at times, but full of eye opening information. 

Visit: to learn more about their movement and #whomademyclothes? They have tonnes of educational packs on their website and you can join in with their fashion revolution week activities. 

  1. Look after your clothes. 

Hang your clothes up and fold them away neatly, trying to avoid a floordrobe wherever possible! You are much more likely to want to wear your clothes if you take good care of them and they smell nice and fresh. Get the iron out, make sure your wardrobe has good air circulation and learn to fix any small holes or stains. 

  1. Have separate wardrobes for each season. 

As the weather starts to change, make a ritual to put away the clothes you no longer need and get out the clothes that are now right for the season. This is a great activity to make sure you are sorting your wardrobe out at least twice a year and it gives you the chance to revisit clothes you might not have worn for 6 months. This helps make clothing feel fresh again. Only having one season’s worth of clothing in your wardrobe can help you to actually see your clothes better too!


When you get that urge to buy something new, try to go #secondhandfirst. If you are after something specific, you can use the search tool on second-hand websites to find those key items. You might have to be a little bit patient until you find the perfect item you had in mind, but it’s worth it! 

  1. Swap your clothes. 

Either with friends, family or an organised swap event. Now that we can’t currently go to physical events, there are plenty of facebook groups where you can swap clothing or there are businesses such as Big Sister Swap who do all the work for you!

  1. Make a moodboard. 

Each season, start a pinterest board of the looks you want to try out and the style you want to go for. You can then look through your wardrobe for the things you already own that fit the style and you can create a second-hand shopping list for the items you are missing! This way, you are shopping for items that you actually really want, not just buying because they are there. 

  1. Shop local and shop small.  

If you are going to buy new, there are plenty of small independent brands who put sustainability at the forefront. Buy shopping from a local brand, you are helping the local economy as well as making someone very happy! 

  1. Upcycle and modify your clothing. 

You can easily update old clothing by cutting off sleeves and legs. You could try customising unwanted pieces by bleaching, dying and embroidering. There are tonnes of youtube tutorials and tiktok videos out there with projects of all difficulties. Be brave and give it a go! 

The list could quite simply go on, but we think that’s enough to get you started. If you are a fast fashion addict, it can seem like an impossible task to give it all up but if you try a few of these tips, you will soon lose the habit.

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