We are RELUV- 

The Online Charity Marketplace


We support the charities by providing them with an e-commerce platform and behind the scenes guidance.

Our aim is to change the way charity shop clothing is perceived online, whilst streamlining second-hand fashion.



As a young start-up business, we launched this website as a prototype to help us build relationships with the charities, whilst we work on our app – due to launch in April 2021.

In response to recent lockdown restrictions and regulations, during our prototype period, 100% of the proceeds from every sale goes directly to the charities, so please don’t hold back!



Like many second-hand enthusiasts, we really missed our local charity shops during the National Lockdown. We realised there was a lack of online presence within the sector, and we felt there was a gap in the market to bring the charity experience into the online world. Starting with a local charity based down in Falmouth, we began to build Reluv. We launched in August with one charity on the platform and we now support  nine charities within our growing community. 


To revolutionise the charity retail sector with modern and accessible solutions. 

To contribute to and encourage the circular economy of fashion. 

To uplift and support the UK’s charities and their causes. 

To show sustainable fashion is both fun and for everyone! 



As the detrimental environmental effects of fast fashion continue to be exposed, Reluv provide a sustainable, affordable and inclusive solution. 

We aim to improve the circulation of second-hand clothing; bringing a new meaning to the term ‘fast fashion’.

Buying second-hand is one of the best ways to consume more sustainably, and with so many garments already in circulation, we believe it is one of the most creative and enjoyable ways to shop!

the reluv community

RELUV is more than just a marketplace, it is a community collective for the magpies, the trend-setters, the bargain hunters, the up-cyclers and the second-hand enthusiasts to explore their own style and inspire those around them.  We encourage you to share pictures of your purchases on our socials and inspire those around you, connecting with like-minded people.
 This is the first phase into this exciting new venture, so watch this space as we grow the platform with more charities and garms. We will be making continuing changes to our platform so that we can provide you with the best service possible, so join us on our journey as we change consumerism, together. As our platform develops and your feedback is incredibly important to us so we can build a marketplace that works for you. We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and opinions so please feel free to drop us a line at enquiries@reluv.co.uk